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Deobandi says: “ How Barelwis Outright Lie ”

Deobandi says:

February 29, 2012
A good example of how Barelwis lie and distort is this Barelwi link:

A quote that I came across:

Ismail Dehlavi said,

“A Deobandi Maulvi was given a bath by Hazrat Ali and his clothes were changed by Hazrat Fatimah.” (Siraat-e-Mustaqeem Urdu page 280).

Shah Isma’il died in 1831. The university of Deoband was established only in 1867.
About which “Deobandi molwi” is this person talking about?

*Nowhere is this mentioned in the text."



Look the devil is hiding here in .[RED].

The Immam's high lighted in [Blue] were not Wahhabi/Deobandi
By the why where is Shah Ismael Dehlavi?

The Wahhabi/Deobandi Molwi whom you have forgotten... Ahmad Barelvi was your Akabirs (elders)  "Father" Click Here :Read@ bottom of page!

Your Elder writes:

Deobandi Scholar named (Syed Ahmed Barelvi) was given bath by Hazrat-e-Ali and Hazrat Fatima covered him with clothes.” ...etc

bottom page scan  :
(Sirat-e-Mustaqeem page 280 ,Urdu- by Ismail Dehalwi)

see large/Full page scan: Here

Ref: Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (Farsi) (Pg164, Published By: Mujtabai Dehli  in 1308 AH, Written By: Ismail Dehalwi) 
Ref: Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (Urdu) (Pg280, Published By: Malik Siraj-ud-Din Sons Lahore in Nov 1956, Written By: Ismail Dehalwi) 


Deobandi said:

The list goes on and the Barelwi fabricates quotes or brings them out of context such as  “The Prophet is only respected as an elder brother/Prophets are useless”

Most of their silly points have been already refuted here:

 The Barelwi  adds, misstate, falsify, distorts and fabricates quotes endlessly. Too bad they don’t have the academic integrity to be honest in their refutations.”

[end of quote]



The fabrications in their own books are endless...this is just an example!

regarding "quotes/out of context"

Your  Deobandi akabir said:

"The Prophet is only respected as an elder brother"


for more scans see  link below



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