Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wahhabis Extreme Detestation of Graves

(Salafis,Deobandis,Tablighis and AhleHadith) ... etc

of the

  ' Indo-Pak Subcontinent '

How can you sleep at night… knowing very well that YOU still have not

Your own “Fathers” Grave???


You Must Immediately Flatten these Bid’ah/Shirk Graves of your Elders!

Ismail Dehalvi (d.1831CE)

No, don't paint the wall  "BLUE" Flatten the Grave!

After you have Demolished and Flattened them completely don’t forget… to do Astaghfar! Immediately if you want to stay Muslim!

Like You did Here:


You should be Ashamed!
Wahhabis Extreme Detestation of Graves

Also before going to sleep tonight… Don’t forget this one:

^ Siddeeq Hasan Khan Bhopali Ghair Muqallid said:
 “It is prohibited to construct a building on grave, so those graves which are raised and high are amongst the prohibited deeds in Shariah. To deny this act and to make them levelled to the surface of the earth is essential on Muslims, whether the grave is of a prophet or of anyone else". (Arf ul Jaadi, page 60)

Hold your crocodile tears for a second… you still can’t go to sleep…well not yet!
This one below is the main "Idol" you may not remember but let me show you it’s of your Master whom you call:

Now: Wake-up all your brothers and sisters there and have them immediately demolish it and flattened to the Ground level. 


Wahhabi Terror


Extreme Hatered of Sufis


Building Shrines/Tombs around the Graves...