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Farewell House of Mawlid

Farewell House of Mawlid

Birth Place Of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) In Makkah Is Now Facing Direct Threat From Wahhabis.

Eradicating the House of his Mawlid

You tried and continue to try - as if it were your goal in life - to destroy the last remnant of the historical vestiges of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam), namely the noble place where he was born.

This house was razed then changed into a cattle market, then some pious people used ruse to transform it into a library which became "Maktabat Makka al-Mukarrama."

You began to pry at that place with evil stares and vengeful threats, trying to entrap it with the official departments. You openly requested that it be destroyed and have shown hostility to the authorities, pressing them hard to effect such destruction after the decision taken to that effect by the organization of your major scholars a few years ago. I have an explicit taped recording of this decision.

But the Custodian of the Two Sanctuaries, King Fahd - the prudent and wise man who is aware of next-worldly consequences - ignored your request and froze it indefinitely.

Alas, for shame!

Such disrespect and disloyalty against this noble Prophet(Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) by whom Allah Most High brought us out and yourselves and your ancestors into light!

What shamelessness in his presence the Day we come to drink from his blessed Basin! Alas, woe and misery for a Sect that hates its Prophet whether in word or in deed, holding him in contempt and trying its best to eradicate his traces!

Yet Allah Most High says to us: {Take as your place of worship the place where Ibrahim stood (to pray)} (2:125).

And He said, bestowing on the Israelites the gifts of Talut, Musa, and Harun: {And their Prophet said unto them: Lo! the token of his kingdom is that there shall come to you the ark wherein is peace of reassurance from your Lord, and a remnant of that which the house of Musa and the house of Harun left behind, the angels bearing it. Lo! herein shall be a token for you if (in truth) you are believers} (2:248).

The Ulema of Quranic commentary said that these vestiges consisted in the staff of Musa - upon him peace-, his sandals, etc.1

Read also, if you like, the sound and authentic hadiths that pertain to the physical and personal relics of the Prophet and the true concern of the Companions - Allah be well-pleased with them - over them as mentioned in the pages of Sahih al-Bukhari. 

There is enough evidence {for him who has a heart or gives ear with full intelligence} (50:37) and ample provision for those who think and reflect.

1 "The Beast shall come out and with her is Sulayman's seal-ring and Musa's rod..." Narrated from Abu Hurayra by al-Tirmidhi (hasan gharîb) and Ahmad.


Saudi Binladin Group, proposes that it be razed to make way instead for the imam’s residence and an adjacent presidential palace.
The Saudi royal family are adherents of the Wahabi faith, an austere interpretation of Islam that has served as the kingdom’s official religion ever since the al-Sauds rose to power across the Arabian Peninsula in the 19th century.
The kingdom’s rulers, who deny Mohamed was born in what is known as the House of Mawlid, are opposed to preserving relics of the Prophet because they say it encourages shirq, the sin of worshipping idols other than God.” Here


House of Mawlid

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House of Mawlid
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House of Mawlid
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