Friday, 6 July 2012

Meccan polytheists

According to the beliefs of the Wahhabi cult, there is no difference between the Meccan polytheists and the majority of Muslims, whom they label “Quburis” (grave worshippers), as both, according to their view, have the same belief by which they sought help and intercession from the souls of the “dead holy men”.

The point to be refuted here is the false impression created whereby the Meccan polytheists supposedly took the objects they worshipped as mere dead /souls of the dead.

The idols were taken only as a representation of some holy men and hence, according to them, there is no real difference between those facing a grave and those facing an idol. In their imagination therefore, the grave the Muslims face is in and of itself an idol, that Muslims are worshipping; hence the label “Quburis” they slander Muslims with. The Meccan Polytheists and “Quburis” are allegedly united in the belief of seeking help from the souls of such dead individuals.

The falsehood of this claim is proven without a shadow of doubt by numerous unambiguous Quranic verses that mention the fact that the polytheists never believed in resurrection in the first place.

 Some of these verses are related below:  

[Quran 17:]{49 They also say, ‘What? When we are turned to bones and dust, shall we really be raised up in a new act of creation?’ 
50 Say, ‘[Yes] even if you were [as hard as] stone, or iron,
51 or any other substance you think hard to bring to life.’ Then they will say, ‘Who will bring us back?’ Say, ‘The One who created you the first time.’ Then they will shake their heads at you and say, ‘When will that be?’ Say, ‘It may well be very soon}  

[Quran 17:]{98 This is what they will get for rejecting Our signs and saying, ‘What? When we are turned to bones and dust, how can we be raised in a new act of creation?’ 
99 Do they not see that God, who created the heavens and earth, can create the likes of them [anew]?}  

[Quran 19:]{66 Man says, ‘What? Once I am dead, will I be brought back to life?’ 67but does man not remember that We created him when he was nothing before? }  
[Quran 23:]{33 But the leading disbelievers among his people, who denied the Meeting in the Hereafter, to whom We had granted ease and plenty in this life, said, ‘He is just a mortal like you- he eats what you eat and drinks what you drink- 
34 and you will really be losers if you obey a mortal like yourselves. 
35How can he promise you that after you die and become dust and bones you will be brought out alive?36What you are promised is very farfetched. 
37 There is only the life of this world: we die, we live, but we will never be resurrected.}  

[Quran 23:]{81 But, like others before them,
82 they say, ‘What? When we die and turn to dust and bones, shall we really be resurrected? 
83We have heard such promises before, and so did our forefathers. These are just ancient fables.’}  

[Quran 34:]{3 Still, the disbelievers say, ‘The Last Hour will never come upon us.’}  

[Quran 36:]{77 Can man not see that We created him from a drop of fluid? Yet- lo and behold!- he disputes openly,
78 producing arguments against Us, forgetting his own creation. He says, ‘Who can give life back to bones after they have decayed?’ 
79 Say, ‘He who created them in the first place will give them life again: He has full knowledge of every act of creation.}  

[Quran 37:]{13 take no heed when they are warned,
14 and resort to ridicule when they see a sign, 
15 saying, ‘This is no more than blatant sorcery.’
16‘What! After we have died and become dust and bones, shall we really be raised up again, 
17 along with our forefathers?’}  

[Quran 56:]{41 But those on the Left, what people they are! 
42 They will dwell amid scorching wind and scalding water 
43 in the shadow of black smoke,
44 neither cool nor refreshing. 
45 Before, they overindulged in luxury 
46 and persisted in great sin, 
47 always saying, ‘What? When we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then be raised up? 48 And our earliest forefathers too?’}  

[Quran 79:]{10They say, ‘What? shall we be brought back to life, 
11 after we have turned into decayed bones?’ and they say, 
12 ‘Such a return is impossible!}    
Therefore it is established from the Quran that the polytheists rejected the belief of humans being resurrected after death and mocked such a belief. Then how could someone who disbelieves in resurrection and equates the dead with nothing more than dust and bones, be one who worshipped the dead or indulged in “glorifying graves” ?

Such are baseless claims in contradiction to what is established in the Quran.   These unambiguous verses instead establish the following proofs against the Wahhabi cult:  

1) Their utter ignorance on the belief of the polytheists.
2) Their false equating of the belief of Muslims with the belief of polytheists.
3) The false belief that Meccan polytheists did not commit shirk in their belief or in Oneness of Allah Lordship.

Such is proven false here by fact that polytheists believed not in the resurrection, nor gave the dead a value except of being dead bones and dust.

And hence their belief on the objects they worshipped was something other than being mere dead men. It is inferred therefore that they instead considered the objects of worship as living on account of some attribute of Divinity/Lordship they were ascribed with, as this is consistent with their belief that the objects they worshipped were taken as sons and daughters of Allah, hence by which divine status they were unlike the mortal men.  
In conclusion, far from being “Quburis”, the polytheists instead mocked the belief of resurrection and infact more resemble the Wahhabis themselves who in their Muatazilite tendancy consider the graves as nothing more than dust and bones and mock the belief of Muslims regarding the life in graves as “Qurafaat” and “ancient fables”.

(Edited by ADHM)