Monday, 11 June 2012

Ibn Taymiyah and Satan


Ibn Taymiyah and Satan

 Leader of the anthropomorphist, Ibn Taymiyyah writes in his book:

 al-qaida al-jaleela fit- tawwasali wal-waseela:

( point number 46)

“The angels do not help people in committing polytheism, whether when people are alive or dead. Angels do not even like this.
In fact the shayateen sometimes help people (in committing polytheism). 
These shayateen appear in front of people with human face (image) … 
Then these shayateen proclaim that they are (prophet) Ibrahim ( alayhis salam) , (prophet) Isa ( alayhis salam), (prophet) mohammed  ( sal allahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam)… ’’
This was the Aqidah of Ibn Taymiyah:

 Abu Hurairah narrates:
The Holy Prophet Muhammad [ sal allahu alayhi wa aalihi wa  sallam] said :
He who sees me in a dream has certainly seen me, because Satan cannot take my form."
[Narrated by Sayyedina Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu in Bukhari and Muslim]