Thursday, 10 October 2019

Yasir Qadhi: Ibn Abdul Wahhab's Najdi Dawah...


Ibn Abd Al Wahhab believed entire Ottoman Khilafa was Kafir/Mushrik

Yasir Qadhi, based on his 20 years of reading of all writings and works by ibn Abdul Wahhab and ibn Taymiyyah, found that Mu-ahmmed ibn Abdul Wahhab's dawah was like the calling of ISIS
Mu-hammed ibn Abdul Wahhab made takfir on everyone in the ummah except his own group.
Mu-hammed ibn Abdul Wahhab said that none of his teachers understood the meaning of tawhid -"la ilaha illallah" before him.
Ibn Taymiyyah is very different from ibn Abdul Wahhab in the way that ibn Taymiyyah didn't make takfir in a similar indiscriminate fashion of ibn Abdul Wahhab  [Here]


al-Barbahari (d.329AH) would have Rejected
ibn Taymiyyah

Dr. Yasir Qadhi @ 1:00:00 to 1:03:00 Quote:  "... even later Athari aqeedah is a development the Sahaba did not have the types of beliefs that the later athari aqeedah "... If imam al-Barbahari read Ibn taymiyyah, imam al-Barbahari would have rejected ibn taymiyyah..." please remember... ibn taymiyyahs greatest opponents in the beginning was his fellow hanabaliyah then Subki and others came along..." [Here]


The Najdi Virus


Everyone is Misguided Except for Me


The Original
Najdi Wahhabi 
were more
Extreme In 
Bloodshed & Takfir 
Than ISIS!

The False Attribution of 
Sharh al-Sunna to the Hanbali Outlaw 
Al-Barbahari (d.329AH) 

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