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The Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement

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The Day of Judgement- has a great number of names
Some of the names of Day of Judgement
The Journey of the Soul- Back to the return of Reality

Imam Abdullah bin Alawi bin Muhammad al Haddad –talks about the Five Journeys of the Soul
Five distinct stages of the Actual Journey of the Soul
1st the creation of the soul-The world of the Amaar
2nd stage of the Soul-120 days- lower realms of the Dunya in the wombs of our mother
Death - separation departure of the Soul- Clinical definition of the separation of the soul and body
3rd Barzakh intermediate realm - until the day they are resurrected- Judgement
4th stage of the Human being
Allah will thereby destroy every soul-Every soul shall taste of death
Every soul shall automatically render into a state of Oblivion -nothing shall exist
Sounding of the Soor (Horn) -The Grand Angel Israfeel (AS)

Beginning of Judgement Day

5th stage of the soul-Eternal bliss or Eternal damnation -Paradise or Hell
They are 5 distinct stages the journey soul

Most important stage-short life-The 2nd stage is which we are in now
How long did you remain?
A DAY! (1,000 years)
The age of the Ummah of the Prophet(s) is one and half day (1500)-Day or part of the day
Day of Judgement-There is no night-it’s a long day- Measured in Millennia a period of a thousand years-One day will be experienced as entire history of human beings
All of the 5 Realms – Revolve around one being the Prophet(s)

Aisha (ra)
The Needle is lost in pitch black
Prophet(s) enters-The entire room Lights up!
Wow to the one who does not see My Face!
Prophet(s) on the Day of Judgement
Allah (SWT) says  in Quran: 767 time Resurrection, Resurrection, and Resurrection…
Withered bones?
Who's going to bring this back?
It's Easy second time!
Allah (SWT) will create everything again
Allah (SWT) will reconstruct every human being right down to his finger print!

The Ark Angel Israfeel (AS) – The Horn in the mouth of Sayyidiana Israfeel (AS) watching Allah’s Throne for the command!
The Horn is Sounded
The Entire Universe will Collapse!
Izraeel (AS) Angel of Death is Summoned!
Who remains? Gibraeel, Mikaeel, Israfeel (AS) taste Death!
And your abased insignificant humiliated slave!

Let them taste Death!
Death of Angel – distinguish of light
Manifestation of Gibraeel (AS)
Size of Mikaeel (AS)?

Who Remains?
Izraeel (AS) says: your abased insignificant humiliated slave remains!
Allah (SWT) says: Seize your own soul!
Experience of Death
The Entire Universe will collapse

A Brand New Universe is Created with Brand New Laws By Allah (SWT)

First one to be Created is Muhammad(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم

Resurrection of the Holy Prophet(s)
(Imam Suyuti said: fully clothed on a Buraq)
Surrounded by 70,000 Angels
Throne of Allah (SWT)
Musa (AS)
Moses is given a ring side seat
Moses Witnesses the Resurrection of the Holy Prophet(s)

Moses was already sent to Oblivion –Mount Sinai
Illumined face of Moses-You will die if you saw the face of Moses(AS)-reality of Moses (AS)
The Prophet(s) Gazes at Allah(SWT)
The Holy Prophet(s) is not sent to Oblivion
Those who Gaze at the Prophet(s) are not sent to Oblivion
The Secret-Moses is continuously sending the Prophet(s) to go back, go back
Moses-I see the Reflection
The Resurrection
Who is resurrected First?
Resurrected to the Atomic level
Where do the Spirits reside?
Horn of Israfeel (AS)
Divine Reality - “Divine TV”
Now you are Alive!
Israfeel (AS) descends
All voices are silent
All you can hear is Hams (Shu-Shu-Shu) - marching towards the plain of Judgement

Brand New Earth
The shaken of the Earth
What’s wrong with her? Mother Earth
The Heavens open up!
The Angels surround the Earth from each Heaven
Everyone will be gathered at the Levant Sham (Jerusalem-Damascus)
Everything is resurrected -New Earth
Reality on that Day-Look for His(s) Face!
How do you find His(s) Face?
Look into the Heavens
The Stand of Praise-1000 years in height, width from East to West made of rubies the handle is made of white gold and green emeralds
In My (s) Hand is the Standard of Praise

The 3 Flags ?
3 lines -Made of Noor
90,000 flags
70,000 angels
500,000 angels
Standard of Praise

Intercession on the Day of Judgement
Where are you going to be?
Over the Bridge - Al- Sirat -3,000 year’s across-Apex of Hell
All you will see - Hellfire
People of Light
Hell Fire says: get it out!-Believers effecting Hell
What is He(s) doing there?
The Scales-Mizaan
Prophet(s) refuses to sit on His(s) Throne
Every single prophet sits on his throne

From the Direction of Hell: Wa Muhammadah, Wa Muhammadah, Wa Muhammadah
Help Muhammad(s)!
Ummah is calling! Ummah in a State
The Witness!
Angels saying: Move, Move -Ummah at the brink of Hell-Those that disbelieved are driven to Hell
Wa Muhammadah, Wa Muhammadah, Wa Muhammadah صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم
Call upon Him(s) and He(s) responds!
Gibraeel (AS) follows the Prophet(s)
The Holy Prophet(s) Jumps right on top of Hell fire
The Bridge appears right under His(s) feet!
The Reality of the Religion
Salivation is at the Feet of the Holy Prophet(s)
Abu Baker Sadiq (RA) is buried right at the feet of the Prophet(s)
Now, the Ummah sees the Bridge-There is a way across!

When did Prophet(s) ask for himself?
When? Tell me when?
My Ummati, My Ummati, My Nation, My Nation
Sirat-Bridge-3,000 year in length-Some People will cross the bridge like lighting, blink of an eye-tornado-other people  like upon a fast rider, others running walking, upon their knees,some on their backs…
Hellfire-Dogs of Fire- will snatch you down into Hell
Allah Humaa Salim Salim - O Allah make safe!

Everybody lower your heads!
There comes Fatima al-Zahra(AS)- Subhan Allah!
The Pool of Life?
Day of the Judgement in the past tense-Certainty of the future
DD- “Divine Dimension”
Elusion -Day of Reality-True Higher Life

Human beings are asleep-when they die they wake up!
Prophets and their followers-some with no followers = 0
Musa(AS)’s Ummah
This is not your Ummah!
Prophet(s)’s Ummah-Blocks out the Entire Horizon
This is Your Ummah!
Who are the 70,000?

Death Bed-Abu Baker Sadiq (RA) “Shall we bring you a Doctor?
It’s the Doctor who made me ill!
Ya Rasual Allah make me one of them!
70,000 - Imams of Shifaat

Life Pool of the Prophet(s) its size, smell, taste and colour
Every prophet has one

The Pool
The Secret-Drink from His(s) Hand
Angels Decent- Angel’s snatch them throw them into the Hell
Ummati My Ummati?
Ya Muhammad!  What did they do after you? Become to alter your Sunnah
Distance them, Distance them, they changed My Way! Get them away from me!

Scales of Judgement
New Laws-New Time
50,000 year
Sun - 1 Mile 

Drowning in your own sweat
Naked un circumcised and barefoot
Vision is Focused!
50,000 year
State of Big Shock!!!
Blast comes
“Where is Your Girl Friend?”
Nafse Nafse- Myself, Myself
The prophets were True!
The Sprit is going to grip the True Form- manifest Day of Judgement as Monkeys, pigs, raised as blind…all described by the Prophet(s)-People now will say: “No more rather be caste in Hell rather than Standing 50,000 years!
Go to the Prophets

Adam - Nafse Nafse- Myself, Myself (Eat- Fig-Tree)
Moses argues with Adam
Adam silences Moses-destiny

Go to prophet Nuh
Distance from one prophet to the other (1,000 years)
Nuh- Nafse Nafse- Myself, Myself (Flood/drowning)
Abu Baker like Ibrahim and Jesus
Umar like Nuh and Moses
Moses raises hands-“Oh Allah strip him of faith!

Go to Moses
Moses says No! Nafse Nafse (I killed a person)
Go to Jesus
Every prophet is given Dua
Every prophet has used their Dua
Prophet(s) still has his Dua Saved!
1% Allah’s Mercy on world (creation)
Allah (SWT) Saved 99% Divine Mercy - Day of Judgement
Prophet(s)’s with two Ledgers with every body’s name who is in Paradise and Hell

Jesus (AS) stands Accused
Humility of Jesus (AS)
Jesus son of Marry says: Go to Muhammad! صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم
Prophet(s) says: “This is mine!
The Supreme Intercession Praise worthy Station
Prophet(s) prostrates Begins to Praise Allah (SWT) in a way never Praised before
Ya Muhammad! Raise your head!
Seek Intercession and it’s yours!
1 day = 55,000 years

Let Judgement Begin!

At the Scales- Judgement takes 24Hours done and dusted. (Believers)
Paradise and Hell are brought by Angels to the right and left side of Allah’s Throne
70,000 Angels
4.9 Billion Angels bringing Hellfire tied with chains

Hell Fire surrounds the captives
Prophet Ibrahim pleads to Allah (SWT)
Hellfire consumes people snatches people from all around

Not going to be Judged - Their Crimes are too wicked- leaders of the disbelief-not going to be Judged! Snached into Hell

Hellfire cannot touch Prophet(s)
Angels recapture Hell strap Hell with Chains
Permanently at the Scales (Mizaan)will be Gibraeel(AS), Mikaeel(AS) and the Holy Prophet(s) Judging Humanity!!!
That is difficult for the Prophet(s) to be The Witness!
Prophet(s) Condemns people to Hell
How will you be when we bring you a witness against everybody?
Judgement-Scales are the opposite in the next world
Heaviest thing in the next world is La ilaha illallah
Bring forth his book!
Every day you have two pages-Good/Bad deeds sent forth

Edit the pages-make Tawbah before Maghrib or Fajar
Make Tawbah!
Final Edition Day of Judgement!
At the Scales-Read Your Book!!!
Taking your book from right hand side good sign from the left side bad sign from the back even worse!
Easy Reckoning 
Show Time!-Frame by Frame
You will see your entire life unfold in front of you!
Atoms worth of good or Evil- you will see it!
Director’s commentary-Interrogation-Doomed!
Book is 99 Scrolls rolled out to the horizon
All Sin-Is this your Book?-That’s me! Evil, Evil, Evil...
That's all I have!
Something falls from the Arsh?

La ilaha illallah
Put this on one side of the Scale
99 Scrolls on the other side
Disappear vanish  
Atoms worth of Faith will come out of Hell
Atoms worth of Good will come out of Hell
Anybody who  said: La ilaha illallah! will come out of Hell
Doors of Paradise
First one to knock on Door of Paradise is the Holy Prophet(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)
Woman comes forth-who may you be?
Who am I? I am a Mother! Paradise lies in the feet of your Mother!
We go in Together!
Keys of Paradise!
Paradise is voice recognition!
Doors of Paradise Open with the Voice of the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم

1:34:24 Video: Here
By Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa

The Rising and the Hereafter
Paperback – 10 Mar 2016


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