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Deobandi Fabrication of Al-Qawl al-Badi

Deobandi Fabrication of
Al- Qawl al-Badi

Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rahman al-Sakhawi [d.902 AH] was one of the foremost student of students of Imam Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani (RA)

He was a great jurist, historian, and Hadith Master.

Imam Sakhawi wrote:

Al- Qawl al-badi' fi al-salat 'ala al-habib al-shafi'
 [The commendable doctrine concerning the
sending of blessings upon the beloved intercessor]

This book which deals with virtues of sending salawat upon the beloved Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam].

This book has been translated into Urdu by Deobandis and published by:

Idara al qaran wa uloom al islamiyah
437 T Garden East
Nazad Sabeel Chowk

The book has been edited by Raziudeen Ahmed Fakhree

Fabrication 1

Imam Sakhawi [ Rh] narrates from Abu Bakr bin Muhammad that while he was near Abu Bakr bin Mujahid, Shaykh al Mashaykah Shibli [ Rd] arrived.

Abu Bakr bin Mujahid stood , hugged and gave a kiss on the forehead of Shibli [rd]. I said [to Abu Bakr Mujahid]” My master, you give so much respect to Shibli , while you and the scholars of Baghdad consider him to be insane”?

He replied ‘ I have done what I have seen Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] doing”.

Then he narrated his dream in which he saw Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] kissing the forhead of Shibli .

Upon my query (for this much love from Prophet),

The Holy Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] replied that after every salah Shibli recites, “laqad jaa-akum rasuulum min anfusikum” ( till the end . Quran sura 9) and after this Shibli recites,

Sallallahu alaika Ya Muhammad,Sallallahu alaika YaMuhammad,
 Sallallahu alaika Ya Muhammad (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam)

[This can be seen in Arabic online Pdf edition, page 173]

Now the fabrication:

The Deobandi Translator has omitted the word “Ya” from the Urdu translation , because this is “shirk” as per deobandi cult belief.

Fabrication 2

Imam Sakhawi writes “the practice of reciting salawat and salam upon Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] was started by the command of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi [rh]. When Hakin bin Azeez was killed, his sister ordered that salawat be sent upon her son and then upon Khulafa. Sultan Ayyubi stopped this practice and ordered salawat to be sent upon Prophet after adhan.

Little further Imam Sakahwi writes:

the truth is , this act is a good innovation ( biddah al hasanah) and the one who will do this will get rewards for this” [Page 192, pdf  edition]

And now the fabrication:

The Deobandi translator has omitted the word hasanah” (good) and has just written: biddah”. 

He has completely omitted the next statement: (the one who will do this will get rewards for this)

By doing this fabrication deobandis tried to remove the evidence of sending salawat upon Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) after adhan (call to prayers) since ages.

This is the hatred of these deobandis towards salawat and salam. 

Fabrication 3

Imam Sakhawi writes: “Once Ibn Umar’s [radiallahutala] leg became numb. So he was told , remember the person whom you love the most. He said “ Ya Muhammad” [ sal allahu alayhiwa sallam]  and his leg became alright.” [ Page 225, pdf, e edition]

But the Deobandi translator has omitted this whole narration because it proves of calling beloved Prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]using the word “ Ya” and this is “shirk” in deobandi cult.