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The Dark History of al-Wahhabiyyah

The Dark History


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We start with the name of Allah the Lord of the worlds, thereafter this is a book called:

Umara al-Baladil-Haram 

authored by the headmaster of the scholars in Makkah and the shaykh of its speakers, the Mufti of the Shafi^ies in it our master Ahmad bnu Zayni Dahlan who died in 1304 Hijri. (1886CE) 
(Sayyid Ahmad Zayni Dahlan al-Makki’ ash-Shafi’i Here )

This book is printed by ad-Dar al-Mutahidah for Publishing .

 On page 297 the author said:

The Story of the People of al-Taif and what they Encountered from al-Wahhabiyyah.
Then he said: and when they [al-Wahhabiyyah] came into al-Taif, they killed people indiscriminately including the elderly, the children, the subjects and the princes, the high ranked and the poor.

They [al-Wahhabiyyah] slaughtered infants at their mothers chests. They climbed into houses and kicked out those who were hiding killing them all. They found a group of people studying the Quran, so they killed every single one of them and anyone who was in a house.

After that they attacked the shops and mosques killing anyone that was in, even the men who were in sujud praying, till they wiped out all creatures there. Surely [al-Wahhabiyyah] will face the severe punishment of the One Who subjugated the heavens and earths

This is the dark history of al-Wahhabiyyah, and if we want to follow the trail of their crimes through the years we would need so much time to do so, and we would speak volumes about it. It would also be more clear to us how the wahhabis have neither mercy for the young nor respect for the elderly. They have neither shame from Allah nor from the creations. They devastate, destroy and commit all these repulsive actions in the name of Islam, while Islam is far in the clear from such people and such actions.

May Allah protect us from the 
Wahhabi tribulation, and may Allah uncover their truth throughout the whole world as He is the One Who is able to Do whatever He wills.


Horrific Crimes


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As the Mufti of the Shafi^ies of the blessed Makkah ashaykh Ahmad bnu Zayni Dahlan said,

al-Wahhabiyyah is a tribulation that occurred to the Muslims. They committed horrific crimes from which no one was safe neither an old person nor a new born.

They raided the two sacred sites (Makkah and al-Madinah) without any regard to their religious honored significance; they confiscated the money, captured the women, and killed the scholars as well as the regular people.

They even stole the contents of al-Hujra ash-Sharifah in Makkah and Madina under the false claim of fighting innovations and Shirk, Inna Lillah wa inna ilayhi raji^oon.

Imam Ahmad Zayni Dahlan who died in 1304 Hijri- stopped at some of their violence in his book that he called Umara al-Balad al-Haram

So, on page 298 he said:
“ they confiscated the money and captured the women; they robbed the houses and its furniture swarming it like insects. The acquisitions piled up like mountains at their camp; except books. They threw it all over towns, in the markets and in the allies exposed to winds. There were thousands and thousands of copies of Quran, religious doctrines among those books, also copies of Sahih al-Bukhariyy-wa-Muslim and many others about al-Hadith, Fiqh, language and a huge amount of other various types of Islamic sciences.

All that stayed mistreated for days, as they stepped on it with their feet while no one could pick even one piece of paper.

This is the dark history of al-Wahhabiyyah. They shall not escape the punishment of Allah. They step on the copies of Quran and the books of Hadith. (I seek refuge in Allah) A^oothu billah from blasphemy, A^oothu billah from deviance.

Dear beloved that was the end of Imam Zayni Dahlans quote which exposes the atrocities committed by the wahhabiyyah.

May Allah rid us of them to relief the countries and the people from their harm. 


الرئيس الشيشاني يعد بالقضاء على الوهابية
The Chechen President Promises to Eliminate Wahhabism 

أعلن رئيس جمهورية الشيشان رمضان قاديروف عن نيته إنهاء نشاط الجماعات الوهابية المتطرفة في الجمهورية. وقال قاديروف أمام الصحفيين إنه "اذا لم يكن بالامكان معالجة الوهابية يبقى امامنا خيار واحد هو اقتلاعها، الامر الذي سنقوم به" . واكد قاديروف عدم وجود تشكيلات مسلحة غير شرعية في الوقت الحالي في الجمهورية. كما نفى الرئيس الشيشاني الإشاعات التي وردت في بعض وسائل الإعلام حول محاولة اغتياله ووصفها بأنها استفزازية وتهدف الى زعزعة الوضع في المنطقة
The President of the Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov declared his intention to end the activity of extremist Wahhabi groups in the Republic.

Kadyrov said to journalists that "if it is not possible to solve this issue of Wahhabism, then remains one option which is to extract it from its roots which we will do."

"The Wahhabis offer nothing but death and destruction," said Sultan Mirzayev, mufti of Chechnya and a close ally of Mr Kadyrov, in an interview at his offices in Grozny.

"We want to revive our homeland and give its people hope."

The battle for the soul of Chechnya
With separatist rebels embracing radical Islam, the republic's Moscow-backed president is busy promoting a Sufi revival, finds Tom Parfitt in Khadzi Aul


Al-Azhar Scholars: “Wahhabism: Mortal Enemy of and a Threat to Islam and the World

In an unprecedented conference held on April 25, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, titled “Wahhabism: Threat to Islam and the World,” a constellation of prominent Muslim scholars and specialists in Islamic movements condemned the Saudi state’s brand of Islam, Wahhabism, as a “mortal threat to Muslims and the world.”

The scholars indicted Wahhabism as a mortal threat and “the modern world has not experienced … if it were not for Saudi money and American hypocrisy it would be possible to resist and eliminate Wahhabism. However, America and Saudi Arabia benefit from this perverted idea which is falsely attributed to Islam and is used for terrorism in some cases and blackmail in other cases.”

The scholars went on to say that “… it is a duty to fight this idea (Wahhabism) with all permissible means.”
During their deliberation, the high caliber Muslim scholars and specialists from Islam’s oldest and most prestigious institution,
 Al-Azhar University, said, “Wahhabism, as an idea and a movement, is of the most dangerous enemies of Muslims and the world.
In their research and discussions, the specialists and scholars explained that Wahhabism relies on rejection of the “Other and his thoughts,” and threatens security and peace in the Muslim World.
They said that Wahhabism spreads severe criminal and terrorist ideas that propel Muslim youth to commit heinous crimes, inflict havoc among people and destabilize Muslim states and their rulers. 
Given the weight and position of the discussants and presenters, the conclusions reached should be heeded by Muslims, especially Saudis, and the West. The only reason the Saudi government spreads its austere brand of Islam is to be able to blackmail anyone at anytime, especially those who may pose a threat to the survival of the Saudi monarchy 
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