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Wahabi Theory in Crisis

"On The Origin of Salafies"

Wahhabi Evolution

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan

(Islamic Sharia Council)

“Wahabi Sheikh Shuaib Hasan is equating his sons kufr”

Quote: "This man(wahabi) believes our father Adam (as) was not made by Allah from clay, but was the children of two ape like creatures. He also denies the Shariah of Allah in open apostasy and the necessity of Hijab...more Here

Quote: “This weekend in London a big fitna erupted. I am surprised that none of the London brothers brought it up. It is with regards to Usama Hasan.

He is the son of Shuaib Hasan one of the most respected scholars of the ahle hadeeth of the UK.”

Anyway Usama for the last 4 years or so has been uttering kufr etc but the community has not been taking note.

He has been allowed to lead salah in the local salafi masjid (which many deobandis and others attend).

He is a man who has gone very astray. Anyway this weekend a debate was held and his father shuaib Hasan defended his sons views on evolution and said it is ONE of the 2 opinions on how Hazrat Adam AS came into existance. He claimed the taweel is similar to the asharis/maturudis/hanafis.

So Shuaib Hasan is equating his sons kufr (yes you heard my words very clearly a man who calls men with beards clowns and women with niqab ninjas and many other issues) with the taweel of the hanafis/asharis/maturudis. This same Usama Hasan tried to prove the permissibility of music in a debate around a year ago quoting extensively from the book of al-judai.

Our uleama (Wifaq) have given this clown a platform on a few occasions as he is a scientist.

Not 1 deobandi alim has spoke up with regards to this fitna. The likes of Usama Hasan portray their opinion as being ONE of the opinions when in fact its total batil/kufr.

I would like some ulema from this forum to dissect his views and get a fatwa passed on this person. what is the ruling on praying behind such an individual?

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Masjid Tawhid Sack Usama Hasan

Jazakallah khairan for everyone who has campaigned for the removal of the heretical apostate Usama Hasan from his position of being Imam at Masjid Tawhid in Leyton, London as covered also in this blog.

Here is the letter from the Masjid committee



We hope now Inshallah his father Suhaib Hasan now either withdraws his comments in support of his son’s kufr and his right to state it or else follows through on his comments that if Usama goes he will go also as it is not possible to pray behind someone who can defend such beliefs as not being kufr but ta’weel and the ulema have been clear it is not permissable to pray behind someone who believes in evolution or the one who defends it.

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Dr Usama Hasan is a senior lecturer at Middlesex University, fellow of the Royal Astronomical

Society, former planetarium lecturer at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and a part-time imam:




"Further to my detailed statement dated 15th February 2011 about evolution and veiling (hijab), I would like to state, after reflecting on the matter and listening to the advice of others:

1. I regret and retract some of my statements in the past about the theory of evolution, especially the inflammatory ones.

2. I do not believe that Adam, peace be upon him, had parents.

3. I seek Allah's forgiveness for my mistakes and apologise to others for any offence caused.

Usama Hasan London, Friday 4th March 2011"

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"Wahabi Theory in Crisis"


“Imam fears 'nutters' could kill him for preaching evolution”

“A statement from the mosque secretary Mohammad Sethi - that appeared on extremist websites - said Dr Hasan had been suspended because his lecture resulted in "considerable antagonism" from the community and for his "belief Muslim women are allowed to uncover their hair in public".
His father said on the mosque's website that his son had been the victim of a "vicious agenda" by a "faction of trustees". Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation, a think tank on Islamic extremism where Dr Hasan has worked, blamed fundamentalists for trying to "hound" him from his position.”

Read more ...Here



The following statement from Abuz Zubair was released to the BBC in response to their query:

wahabi/salafi - Abuz Zubair (admin of IA website/forum):

I am personally unaware of any threats that have been made against Usama Hasan, but would utterly condemn any if there have been any made. Certainly, I have not made any threats against him as has been insinuated. I wrote an article the subject and aim of which is clear in its title and conclusion. It is about whether or not someone should take position of Imam of the prayer, whilst holding evolutionary beliefs about the origins of man. In that article I chose to cite legal verdicts by Saudi authorities who are known to have been highly respected by Usama Hasan, and his father Suhaib Hasan – in order to highlight condemnation of Usama Hasan’s views from his own teachers, and for no other reason.

I am astonished that anyone could distort the meaning of this article, interpreting it as a threat, particularly since I added an explicit caution for the readers, expressing my long held and previous expressed belief, that any such action would be illegal in terms of both Islamic and British law.
However, I regret citing the full texts of the legal opinions because the distortion of my article that has been made has become a complete distraction from what I believe are the central issues:

1. That Usama Hasan’s previously expressed views on evolution contradict orthodox Islamic beliefs, and whilst they might be acceptable on the pages of the Guardian, they are non-appropriate for one who leads the congregational prayers for Muslims.
2. Concerns of worshippers that are being ignored that nepotism exists in this mosque - concerns which warrant investigating. I have been led to believe these concerns exits because that people in the mosque have been bullied into to accepting Mr Hasan’s Junior position in deference to his father’s position of seniority – and against the wishes of many in the congregation. I am led to believe that many people who have opposed Usama Hasan’s position have been threatened, and that they would be subjected to media intimidation.

Indeed, I have evidence of the latter. I have also heard that some committee members of the mosque have received physical threats via post for opposing Dr. Hasan’s position.
Whilst some may wish to portray this as a battle between ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ Islam, this is clearly disingenuous – as many of Suhaib Hasan’s views would be considered ‘extreme’ not only by the UK media, but by other Muslims.
I fully expect that others may twist my words and intentions to suit their own agendas, but remain steadfast on my central concerns about the issues of leading the prayer, evolution and the unanswered concerns about nepotism in the mosque.”

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