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(1239 AH - 1823 CE)

Fatwa of Kufr


The Forefathers of Deobandi & Tableeghi Sect

Deobandi & Tablighi
 "akabirs" Elders
"Mother Tongue"


Today's Deobandis say
“They are False Allegations”

Now, Judge for your self’s?
Wahabi Deobandi/Tablighi Aqeedah:

Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founding father of the Deobandi Sect has the following beliefs:
1. The Almighty Allah can speak a lie. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 20)
2. Allah has already spoken a lie (Taqseedul Qadeer pg. 79).
Quote, Deobandis say: ^“False Allegation”
“The Truth
The view of Hadhrat Moulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Saheb is that Allah is far above and pure from being attributed with falsehood. There is no blemish of falsehood in His words at all for Allah says, 'Who is more truthful than Allah in speech.' He who believes that Allah speaks a lie is an accursed outright Kaafir and opposed to the Qur'n and Sunnah. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 3)
Clarification (I)
Fataawa Rashidiyya pg. 84: 'From servant Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, after Salaam Masnoon, you have inquired concerning the Masalah 'Imkaane Kizb' (possibility of falsehood). But 'Imkaane Kizb' in the sense that Allah Ta'la has the power to act contrary to what He has ordered, but will not to do with His Free Will, is the belief of this servant. The Qur'n Shareef and the Sahih Ahaadith bear testimony to this belief, and this is the belief of all the Ulama of the Ummah too.”
Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founder of Deobandi Movement has the following beliefs:
“The Almighty Allah can speak a lie.” (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 1 pg. 20)
Scan: Here
Ghangohi said: “The Almighty Allah can speak a lie” no matter what he meant was ‘Allah will never do it but can do it’ this is kufr and shirk & biddat .....
Why do they feel ashamed to tell that this ugly belief was first propagated by their forefather, Ismaeel Dehalvee, who wrote in his Persian Book: ‘Yek Roza”
Here is the scan from Yek Roza , a book in Persian Language , written by Shah Ismail Dehalvee :
The Persian statement is as follows (page 17):
"Aqul agar murad az muhaal mutmane lizaatihi ast keh tehat qudrat ilahoya dakhil neest pas la nusallim keh kizb(Jhoot) ba mani mastoor ba shad cheh muqadima qiziyya ghair mutabiqa mawaqe o ilqaye aan bar malaika o anbiya kharij az qudrat e Ilahiya neest wala lazim aaid keh qudrat e insaani azaaid az qudrat e Rabbani ba shad cheh aqade qizziya ghair mutabiq lilwaqea o alqaae aan bar mukhatibeen dar qudrat aksar afrade insani ast."

Rough Translation
"Aqul agar murad az muhaal mutmane lizaatihi ast keh tehat qudrat ilahoya dakhil neest pas la nusallim keh kizb(Jhoot) ba mani mastoor ba shad cheh muqadima qiziyya ghair mutabiqa mawaqe o ilqaye aan bar malaika o anbiya kharij az qudrat e Ilahiya neest wala lazim aaid keh qudrat e insaani azaaid az qudrat e Rabbani ba shad cheh aqade qizziya ghair mutabiq lilwaqea o alqaae aan bar mukhatibeen dar qudrat aksar afrade insani ast."

“It is possible for Allah to be a liar. If you do not accept this, then Human being's ability will be considered more than Allah's ability.

(It means, since Human can lie and if someone thinks Allah cannot lie, then this will mean Allah's ability is less than Human ability...) (Maaz Allah)
Scan: Book statement: Here and Here
Here we see how Mawlana Khaleel Ambaithvee is bringing a quote from Durrul Mukhtar on Khalf e waid to use it on Imkan e kIdhb:
“More ever people in Past called it as a mercy of Allah and not as a lie of Allah.”
^(Mawalana Khaleel has himself quoted this)

So according to Deobandi muftis "its mercy of Allahh to speak lie"
Scan: Book statement: Here
Same, Mawlana Khaleel Ambethvee writes in his Book : Braheen e Qaatiya
Page : 274, Publisher : Kutub Khana Imdadiya, Deoband:

"This is the meaning of Imkaan-e-Kizb (possibility of telling a lie) that Allah Ta`ala has the power of telling lies but this will not happen."
Scan: Book statement: Here
Mawlana Rashid Ahmed says in his fatawa:
Page No 97 ... "Pas Sabit Howa Key Kizb Dakhil-e-Qudarat-e-Bari Ta'ala Wa Ala Hai"

Translation: “Hence , it is now established that to Lie is within the possibility of Allah subhanahu wa taala"
Scan: Book statement: Here
Allah can do All bad acts”: Deo bandi scholars Book: Al Jahd Al Muqeel, Author: Shaykh Mahmoodul Hasan Al Deo bandi
Page: 41, Publisher : Maktaba Madniyya Urdu Bazar Lahore :
“Afaal e kabeeha(bad acts) ko Qudrat e Qadeema Haq Taala Shanahu say kiun kar khaarij keh saktay hain”
“How can we say that it is out of the power of Allah that , He cannot perform bad acts”
Scan: Book statement: Here
also read:
The Truth About A Lie

Scan: Here

Note: “ALLAH SAHAB” is in the Old Edition. (Mubarakpur Edition)
“To think of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) in Salaat is worse than thinking of cows and donkeys. (Siraate Mustaqeem pg. 150)
Quote, Deobandis say: ^“False Allegation”
The above mentioned statement is not found anywhere in 'Siraate Mustaqeem' that, 'To think of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) in Salaat is worse than thinking of cows and donkeys.'

Deobandi says: We Can’t find it?

"If fornication comes into your mind whilst offering Salat it is better to think about having S*x with your wife. Thinking of ones Shaykh or any saints likewise even about the Holy Prophet during prayers is worse than thinking of ones ox or donkey".
(Siratul Mustaqim, Page 169 by Sayyid Ahmed Shaheed & Shah Ismail Shaheed, Maktaba Salafiyya, Lahore)
Scan: Book statement: Here
The forefather of Deobandi Jamat , Mawlana Ismail Dehalvee said in his book:
“...WORSE than getting the thought of Ox and Donkey.”
Scan: Here
“The Prophet (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) will die and become sand one day. 
(Taqwiyatul Imaan pg. 69)”
Quote, Deobandis say: ^“False Allegation”
The view of Hadhrat Moulana Rashid Ahmed Saheb is that: The meaning of the (phrase) 'to lie on sand' has two meanings. The one is to become soil, the other is the body touches the sand. The latter meaning is meant, and the Moulana (author of Taqwiyatul Imaan) also believes that the bodies of the Anbiyaa ('layhimus salaam) do not turn to dust. Because a deceased is buried in a grave and he is surrounded with soil all over, his body together with the 'Kafn' touches the sand beneath him is called 'Mitti me milnaa' - to lie on sand. Hence, there is no point of objection. (Fataawa Rashidiyya pg.s 83/84)

“will die and become sand one day”

Mawlana wrote Taqwiyatul Iman and died long back. But his followers are making fabrication in his book!
Please see this:

OLD EDITION OF TAQWIYATUL IMAN ( kindly note , this edition has also many fabrications , but when compared to a new edition , it has less fabrication. All comparison is made with the 1895 edition of Delhi)
Scan: Book statement: Here

Page 81
" yani main bhee ek din mar kar mittee mein milaney wala hoon"
" It means one day I will also die and get mixed with this soil"

Hadith says:
‏عن ‏ ‏أبي الدرداء‏ ‏قال ‏قال رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏أكثروا الصلاة علي يوم الجمعة فإنه مشهود تشهده الملائكة وإن أحدا لن يصلي علي إلا عرضت علي صلاته حتى يفرغ منها قال قلت وبعد الموت قال وبعد الموت إن الله حرم على الأرض أن تأكل أجساد الأنبياء فنبي الله حي يرزق

Narated By Abu Darda:

The Apostle of Allah (
صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: Among the most excellent of your days is Friday; so invoke many blessings on me that day, for your blessing will be submitted to me. They (the Companions) asked: Apostle of Allah, how can our blessing be submitted to you, when your body is decayed?b] He said: Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the Prophets. [Sunan Ibn Maja Volume 001: Hadith Number 1626:]

( Ismaeel Dehalvee uses this explanation from his mind for explaining the death of prophet(s). And Mawlana Rashid Ahmed made a failed attempt to make a 'tawil" of this usage in his Fatwa Rashidiya. He was refuted in his tawil by Ahlus sunnah scholars).

Now be ready to read one of the biggest fabrications 
you will ever come across in your life!

The New edition of the same book says:
page 78:
" yani ek na ek din main bhee fawt ho kar agosh lahad mein ja soonga"
“Meaning, one day I will also die and go and rest in the arms of grave"
Scan: Book cover: Here and statement: Here
Note! New Editions don't have it? been removed!
Ashraf Ali Thanvi, a founder member of Deoband says: 'The Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) has an education like that of children, lunatics and animals of every category.' (Hifzul Imaan pg. 7)
Quote, Deobandis: ^“False Allegation”
The Truth
Hadhrat Hakimul Ummah, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (author of the famous 'Bahishti Zewar') did not write the abovementioned statement in Hifzul Imaan. Nor is it his belief. It is a slander on the said Moulana. In fact Hadhrat Moulana has stated clearly in 'Hifzul Imaan' that, 'Knowledge with regard to the Excellence of Prophethood has been bestowed totally upon Rasul (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) (Hifzul Imaan pg. 12)”
The Statement: Book statement: here

The very statement is present in Hifzaul Iman (page 7) and our Deobandi friend says that Mawlana Asharf aliTthanvee was asked this question and he said:
“ this belief is kufr”!
Scan: Book statement: here
Hifzaul Iman (page 7)
(other editions see page13,18)

The Truth

The view of Ashraf Ali Thanvi is that
Hadhrat Moulana was asked, 'Did you in Hifzul Imaan or any other book write anything directly or indirectly comparing the education of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) to that of children, lunatics and animals?
If not then what is your ruling regarding a person who holds such a belief?'
In reply to that Moulana states:
'Let alone writing such falsehood and filth, my heart had never even perceived such falsehood and verily if anyone holds such a belief he is out of the fold of Islam.' (Faisal-e-Khusoomat pg. 21)
Now See for your self’s:
Scan: Here
“The Prophet (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) is not the only Rahmatullil Aalameen.
 (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 2 pg. 19)
Quote, Deobandis say : ^“False Allegation”
The word 'Rahmatullil Aalameen' is not a characteristic only of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam). In fact other Awliyaa, Ambiyaa and Ulamaa-e-Rabbaniyyeena are also a means of mercy unto the world, although Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) is the highest of them all. Therefore, if it is used for others with 'Taaweel' (by elucidation) it is permissible.' (Fataawa Rashidiyya pg. 96/97)”
Here is the scanned page:
Scan: Here
There is no place of Tawil here. Because Allah has used to term Rahmatal lil Aalmeen only for His most beloved prophet(S). The word “Aalam ‘ means “ ma siwa Allah” (everything except Allah). Prophet (S) was still a Nabi when Adam(AS) was in clay form ( Tirmidhi) and when we say prophet(S) is Rahmatal lil Aalmeen , it means he is a mercy for every creation , including , wind , sun , moon , all human beings and jinn.
By which tawil can any other person be ascribed with this usage? In the history of Islam , has this term being used by any scholar for anyone except our beloved prophet(S)?

The simple reason is, this fatwa was issued by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed , in keeping with the Deobandii belief on “ Khatame nubuwwat” .

We sent you not but as a mercy for all the worlds." (Holy Qur'an, 21:107)

Deobandi founder Nanotvi wrote:

"Prophets are higher /chosen one among their followers (Ummati) only in knowledge. When it comes to good deeds, the ummati (followers) attain the equal status of prophets and sometimes they go above them " ...

So according to Nanotvi: “ ummati can become higher than Prophets ...”
Scan: Here
The Prophet (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) is not the only Rahmatullil Aalameen. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 2 pg. 19)
Scan: Here
On which basis have the Deo-bandis called it a false allegation?
This statement is very much present in the book: Here
Scans: Here
Another Fabrication in Tahdhir al-Nas

The Deobandis have done it again! The book “ Tahdhir al-Nas” which was written by their own scholar Shaykh Qasim Nanotvee, has been tempered again by Deobandis.

It is the same book upon which Fatwa of Kufr was issued by two hundred and sixty(260) leading scholars of India and thirty three(33) leading scholars from Makkah al muazzama and Medina al munawara.. 

“Prophet cannot move from his grave”: (Deoband Fatwa)

But dead Deo-bandi scholars can travel !
Read the underlined part from this fatwa:
“The life of prophet sal allahu alaihi wa sallam in grave, is Hayate Barzakhi”
(Life in Brazakh), in this life he (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) cannot travel (from one place to another).(Deo-band Fatwa, 19 Aug 2008, Fatwa NO=6502)
Scans: Here and Here
Dead Shaykh Coming to Help [But prophet can't]?
Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee al deobandi comes after his death in physical body to give suggestion:
Scan: Here
“Shaytaan has more education than our Prophet (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam). (Barahine Qatia pg. 51 - Khalil Ahmad Ambhetwi)
Quote, Deobandis: “False Allegation”
We strongly believe and openly claim that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) was given more knowledge than the entire creation of Allah and it is our belief that whosoever says that anyone has more knowledge than Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) then such a person is a Kaafir.Our great 'lama have already given a Fatwa of Kufr upon a person who says Shaytaan has more knowledge than Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'layhi Wasallam) then how could I ever have written such a thing. (Al Muhnad Allal Mufannad Q&A 18-19)
It is totally incorrect. This sentence is not written anywhere in 'Baraahine Qaati'ah', that 'Shaytaan has more knowledge than Rasulullah(Sallallaahu'layhi Wasallam).”
He said’ “the angel of death and satan have the knowledge of unseen and this is proved from nass ( quran and saunnah) , but there is no such proof for prophet and if anyone thinks that prophet had the knowledge of unseen then he is in SHIRK”.
The Exact Urdu wording is:
“ al hasil gaur karma chahiye ki shaitan wa malkul mawt ka haal dekh kar ilm muheet zameen ka fakhre aalam ko khilafe nasoos qatiyya ke bila daleel mahaz qayas fasida sey saabit karma shirk nahee to kauna iman ka hissa hai? Shaitan wa malkulmawt ko ye wasat nass sey saabit hue. Fakhare Aalam ki wasat ilm ki kaun see nas qatai hai, jisasey tamam nasoos ko radd karke ek shirk saabit karta hai.
Scan: Book statement here
RED underlined part says:
Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehavlvee has narrated ( a hadith) that ( prophet said ) I was not aware of what was behind the wall”
Scan: Here
Translation of blue underlined part:
“The final result is: By pondering over the knowledge of the earth possessed by angel of death and satan , one should not use this analogy to prove that prophet (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) also had the similar knowledge, as there is no documentary evidence for this. Isn’t this belief ( that prophet also had the knowledge of the unseen) a CLEAR SHIRK , and if not , then which part of Iman ( belief) is it ?
Because such extensive [knowledge] for the Angel of death and Shaytan is proved from
Quran and Sunnah [Nusus- e- Qatyi`ah]. Where is any such absolute evidence to prove the extensiveness of the knowledge possessed by prophet , sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam which refutes all absolute documents in order to prove one polytheistic belief?”
And then he continues his attack on the best of the creation ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) and says:
“ Hence , mere presence of the soul ( Ruh) of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) in Illiyeen and his being higher than angel of death does not mean that the knowledge of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) is higher than or even equal to the knowledge of angel of death in these fields
Respected reader, this is what Shaykh Abdul Haqq Muhaddith Dhalvee (Rh) writes:

“At this point a doubt is often put forward about a narration that prophet said that he was not aware of what was behind the wall. The answer to this doubt is that this narration is a lie and there is no truth in it.” ( Madarijun Nabuwwah , vol 1 )
Scan: Here
Hadith has no basis and is Daeef!

Why did Deobandi scholars hide the second part , where Shaykh Abdul Haq calls this hadith with NO BASIS?

It was written after all these books were written.
It has no weight. If a thief commits theft daily and then writes a book “stealing is a bad act”, his crime of theft does not go away.

Any Deobandi is welcome to start a discussion on AL MUHNNAD as long as he can quote the original AL MUHANNAD , not the "condensed " book with " new look "!

Imam Ali al Qari Al Hanafi (rh ) writes:" This hadith that I am not aware of what is behind this wall" ,
Imam Asqalani has said that there is no truth in this narration'( Maudhuate Kabir , page 60 )
Imam Ibn Hajar Maki ( rh) says," The chain of narration for this hadith could not be traced" ( Afdalul Qur`a)
Almighty Allah Ta'la is not always 'all knowing'. He finds out whenever necessary. (Taqwiyatul Eemaan pg. 26).
Quote, Deobandis: ^“False Allegation
This is an open Calumny and a False Accusation. This sentence is not written at all in 'Tawiyatul Eemaan' that 'Allah Ta'la is not always "all knowing". He finds out when necessary.”
I don’t know which edition of Taqwiyatul Iman was checked by the author of this article.

Presently I have access to many editions of Taqwiyatul Iman , printed in India and also Kingdom of Saud ( Riyadh edition).
Taqwiyatul Iman, Editions:
Faruqi press Delhi 1895
Mujtabai press Delhi (1900)
Kanpur,1905 edition
Delhi edition,1920
jayyed press Delhi (1937)
Muhsini press culcutta (1954)
Deoband edition 1976
Salfiyah Varanasi 1986 -1987
Bombay edition 1987
Mubarakpur edition 1997

Riyadh edition 1990 (was distributed freely to Urdu speaking pilgrims on Hajj during that year!)
“The one whose name is Mohammed or Ali DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY OVER ANYTHING” (Taqwiyatul Iman)
The beauty of the matter is that, this filthy comment is present in the same book:
“Taqwiyatul Iman” regarding which Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said:
“To keep this book and read this book is THE CORE OF ISLAM (AYN ISLAM).

Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi in his authority work ‘Fatawa Rasheediya’ states about his master Shah Ismaeel Shaheed:
Molvi Muhammad Ismaeel (may Allah have mercy on him) was scholar, pious, he uprooted the innovations, he was reviver of Sunnah, complete adherent of Quran and Hadith and a guide to the mankind, he remained like this for his entire life and ultimately he attained martyrdom during Jihad against infidels. Thus the one who have such traits is Waliullah and Shaheed (martyr)….And the book ‘Taqwiyat ul Iman’ is an excellent book and is irrefutable for polytheism (shirk) and innovation (Bidat). Its arguments are entirely from Quran and Hadith and to keep it, read it and follow it is absolutely according to Islam and is the reason to attain reward and the one who prohibits to keep it is Fasiq and an innovator…”
[Fatawa Rasheediya Kamil, pages 218-219 (Maktaba Rahmaniya, Lahore]

And the same Mawlana Rashid Ahmed gave full authority and control to British power even after his death!
Scan: Here
"Every creature, be he big (a Prophet) or small (a non-Prophet) is more lowly than even a cobbler before the glory of Allah". ( Page 20 of Taqwiyatul Iman)
Deo-bandis Question:
“Can you let us know whether the bolded part was mentioned in the original work?”
See for yourselves: Page 20 of Taqwiyatul Iman:
Scan: Here
In the month of Muharram, providing free water and feeding people with milk or Sharbat is Haraam. (Fataawa Rashidiyya part 3 pg. 113)
Quote, Deobandis: ^“False Allegation”
To feed the poor and needy and to distribute water free to quench their thirst as 'Isaale Sawaab' is no sin. Neither did Moulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi nor anyone else say it is Haraam.

The Barelvis belief is this, that on the plains of Karbala the martyrs sacrificed their life in thirst. Therefore, the water that is given here as a drink, reaches them.”
First of all Ahlus Sunnah [Sunnis ] don't believe in any such concept, here is scanned page:
Scan: here
Same Mawlana Rashid Ahmed was asked that if Hindus give sweet dishes/eatables on their festivals like Holi and Diwali , can a muslim eat it?
The Mawlana said YES!
Scan: Here
"We cannot make Nikah with any person who takes part in Urs, etc. (Fataawa Rashidiya part 2 pg. 142)
Quote, Deobandis: ^“False Allegation”
Moulana Rashid Ahmed says in Fataawa Rashidiya, "Taking part in Urs is not an act of Kufr therefore Nikah with a person who takes part in Urs is valid."
Those who go to the Urs and make Sajdah (prostrate) to the graves, pray for boon or ask for a favour from the inmates of the graves, and make Tawaaf of the graves; to solemnise marriages with them will inculcate these Shirk practices in them and others as well. Therefore, unless they don't make Tawbah and refrain from such Shirk practices, Nikah is not allowed until then.”

He also declared Mawlid Haram!

Mawlana Rashid Ahmed
wrote in Fatwa Rashidiya on the issue of Mawlid:
“Those Mawlid gatherings which do not have any “ ghair shariah’ activity , even in those gathering as a matter of precaution , people should not join in present time.” (Vol 1, page 48)
Question: Is it permissible to join in those Mawlid gatherings in which ONLY authentic narrations are read out and no weak or fabricated narrations are read out?
Answer:It is impressible to join in these gatherings due to other reasons.”
(Vol 2, p 131)
“Mawlid gatherings are not permitted in any condition
(Vol 2, p 96)
Question: Is it allowed to participate in those “urs” gathering in which ONLY quran sheif is recited and sweet is distributed?
Answer: “It is not allowed to join any”urs” AND MAWLID gathering and all kind of “urs” and Mawlid are impressible.” ( Vol 3 , p 143)
Moulana Qasim Nanotvi says:
“A Prophet can even come after Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).If such a prophet comes khatam ul Nabuat won't be effected .”
" If we assume that in future there comes any other prophet, this will not make any change in the finality of prophet ( khatmiyat muhammedi)" ("Tahzeerun Naas")

Here is scanned page where Qasim Nanotwi
stated this belief. Due to this hundreds of scholars of that time and also Makka/Madina put fatwa of kufr on Qasim Nanotwi.
Scan: Book statement: Here and Here
So if somebody says if new prophet is born after Muhammad (S) khatam nabua will not be effected is senseless.... it will be effected & the belief dat it will not be effected is qadiayani belief ..... they also have long long explanation to support it

Nanotvi wrote in same Tanzeer un Nas:
"Prophets are higher /chosen one among their followers( Ummati) only in knowledge. When it comes to good deeds, the ummati( followers) attain the equal status of prophets and some times they go above them " ...

So according to Nanotvi shahib "ummati can become higher than Prophets ...."
Scan: Here
Did only Imam Ahmed Raza khan called Nanotwi Kafir for this statement?


Jamat e Islami ( Mawdoodi group) few of the members of the Jamat e Islami group took a passage from the book" TASFIYATUL AQAID" of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee and sent it to Darul Uloom Deoband, asking them if this constitutes Kufr.

They did not inform that it has been taken from their own" Akabir's" book.
So the scholars of Darul uloom Deoband did not know that this passage is from Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee's book.

The Muftis of Darul Uloom took no time for investigation and issued the fatwa of Kufr .
Kindly see the Blue underlined part of the fatwa.
It says:

"The person having this type of aqida is kafir. Unless he does tajdeed e iman and tajdeed e nikah , no relationship should be kept with him".

These Deobandii scholars who issued the fatwa of kufr , never gave any "other interpretation" so as not to make takfir upon the concerned person. They immediately issued the fatwa of kufr , only to know it was on mawalan Qasim Nanotvee!

These Deobandii scholars who issued the fatwa of kufr , never gave any "other interpretation" so as not to make takfir upon the concerned person. They immediately issued the fatwa of kufr , only to know it was on mawalan Qasim Nanotvee!
Scan: Book
Deobandi fatwas on their own “Akabir’s”

Why do Deobandis blame Sunnis when so many Ulemas of past & present have called such concept kafir?

Nanotwi said in Tanzeer un Nas :
" First , the meaning of Khatamun nabeeyen should be well understood. For general population , the meaning of prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) being khatamun nabeeyen is that the time of prophet is after other prohets and he is the last prophet.

But people of understanding (wisdom) have realised that there is no superiority of being the first or last messenger in itself.
Scan: Here
Page 18

"Even if we assume that during the time of prophet there is some other prophet some where else, this will not make any change in the status of prophet being khatmun nabeyeen"

Can you allow me to assume something about his relative which is not correct? No, he won't.
But regarding prophet they can assume and write anything.
Scan1: Here
Scan2: Here
Ashraf Ali Thanwi writes:
“When Mawlānā Nanotwi wrote Tahzeerun Naas, nobody in the whole of India supported him, except Mawlānā Abdul Hay.” ( Al ifadatul yaumiya)
Scan: Book statement: Here

Nobody in history of Islam divided khatam nabuwat into categories as Nanotwi did

Shaykh Anwar shah Kashmiri al Deobandi writes:
“ This division of prophethood into “ nabuwwat biz dhaat and nabuwwat bil ard is crossing the limit set by Quran ( zyadatee) and is mere following own evil desire ( hawa).
( Khatmaun nabiyeen page 38)

Same Anwar Shah kashmiri al Deobandi calls this division of prophethood as impressible (NA JAYAZ). (Aqidatul Islam, page 206)

Same Anwar shah kashmiri al Deobandi says this interpretation of athar of Ibn Abbas (rd) IS AGAINST QURAN and uses the usage” MA LAYTHA LA KA BIH ILMA ( the thing which you are not aware of) (Faidhul baari, vol 3 page 333)

Mawlana Ameen safadr al Deobandi says:
“ if someone says that I accept prophet as khatamun nabeeyen , but my understanding is that prophet can authenticate( with his seal of approval) someone else to be a prophet , even this is kufr” ( tajalliyate safdar, vol 2 page 596)

Mawlana Anwarullah Farooqi (rh) who was the khalifah of Haji Imdadullah Muhajir makkii (rh), established Jamia Niazamiya ,Hyderabad , India. He wrote a book “ Anwar e ahmedi” in which he dealt this “new interpretation “of khatamau nabiyyen given by qasim nanotvee. This book has taqreez by Haji Imdadullah makii (rh) himself.

Haji sahib writes:
“This servant has seen this book from beginning to end and found that it contains truth and correct sunni belief”.
Haji imdadullah maki sahib writes:
“This servant has seen this book from beginning to end and found that it contains truth and correct sunni belief”.

This book refuted Tadhir al Nass and uses comments like” is such a philosophical discussion even found in Quran and Hadith? Did any one from the first three century told this? Then from where does this type of biddah comes from…..

Mawlana Farooqui
has dealt this topic in detail and has even proved from ilmul kalam that this division of prophethood by Mawlana Nanotvee was baseless and is not accepted in Islam.
Scan: Book statements: Here, Here
Athar of Ibn Abbas (ra) which Nanotwi used to prove his statements
is weak fabricated & shadh

100s of other Ulemas not just Imam Ahmed Raza [rah] gave fatwas of Kufr against Deobandi Nanotwi kufr!

All Deobandis know is that Imam Ahmed Raza (ra) was only scholar in whole India who talked about kufr in books I showed ..... I showed from thanvi own statement no one in India supported Nanotwi or Ghangohi beliefs

Imam Fazle Haq khairabadi (rh) wrote Tahqeeq al-Fatwa fi Ibtal al-Taghwa refuting various anti islamic belief of Mawlana Ismaeel Dehalvee. The fatwa of Kufr was issued on Mawlana Isameel dehalvee and his book taqwiyatul Iman

It was signed by 17 (seventeen) leading scholars of Ahlus sunnah wal jamah.

Scan: Book see scans : here , here and here.
The Muhaddith and the Mufassir of the Deobandi sect, Husain Ali Wan Bhachrani was a student of Rashid Ahmed Gangohi

Husain Ali wrote a Tafsir of the quran with the name bulgahtul hairan:

“Tafsir Bulghatul Hairan”

In this Tafisr he writes that:

“he saw prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) walking with him over bridge over Hell ( Pul sirath) . The prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) was about to fall from this bridge , but this Deobandi “shaykh” saved our prophet!”

Scan: Book statement on page 8: Here

In the same Tafsir he also writes that:

“Allah is not aware of our deeds until we have done that deed.

Scan of page, 157-158: Here and Here

La hawla wala quwwata illah billah hil aliyyul azeem

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1-10 See Scans: Here

Original Scans :

Scan/References from: 1-10
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See Scans: Here  

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14-Tasfiyatul Aqaaid, page,25- …not free & innocent from every lie..
15- Taqwiyatul Ieeman, page,35-…praise only as a human being do reduction…
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20- Taqwiyatul Ieeman, page,41-…no authority over anything …
See Scans:  Here

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32-Darud Taj -(…not permitted…) -Fatwa
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34-Fatawa Rashidiyah- (Milad and 11 Giyaarveen Shareef…are all unlawful &false innovations…)
35-Eating Crow-rewarding act-Fatwa
36-Calling upon Awliyah (friends) of Allah is infidelity-Fatwa     
37- Funeral prayers— supplicate/forbidden-Fatwa
38-Food distributed (by Hindus is permitted)-Fatwa
39-Eating Food-(…cobblers & sweepers…)-Fatwa
40-Drinking water- (…set up by Hindu/Money/Interest is permitted) -Fatwa
See Scans: Here

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