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Wahhabi Deception! - Part2

Attacking imaginary enemies or refuting imaginary problems

As primitive as this method is, it still stumps a few people. The absolute classic is their refutation of what they think is wahdat ul wujood or anything related to sufism. They have worked hard to refute two concepts namely:

man-god unision and the world is an illusion”.

^Funnily, both of these are not what wahdat ul wujood or tasawwuf are.

We Sunnis too say that the aqidah of man-god unision is absolute kufr, and the universe definitely exists as Allah created it.

It’s a bigger pain in the neck when it incorporates one or both of numbers 5 and 6 (changing the subject and moving the goal post)

They mention tawassul is shirk, you give evidence for it… and the guy goes off on a tangent about praying to the minaret of the Prophet’s mosque is haram (and you can bet yourself no one does it)


Outright lying, Tampering and Deleting

They do this with books of hadith, scholarly texts, scholarly notes in books of hadith, etc. The only way to avoid this one is either NEVER buy their books, OR buy the wahhabi published book as well as a Sunni published copy of the same and see for yourself.

Following examples are just the tip of the iceberg:

Most decent people, to arrive at truthful conclusions or solutions to problems, resort to a technique called redefining the problem which helps them look at the problem from a fresh perspective and consequently arrive at a solution or conclusion.

The wahhabi, however, is NOT interested in arriving at a solution to a problem or a truthful conclusion to a question

His main concern is feeding his ego and nafs, to put someone else down, and to prove himself right.

Wahhabism is about nafsanic arrogance and egotism. His aim is NOT to seek the truth, his aim is to prove HE is on the truth and therefore superior to you. So his mind works backwards.

People who seek solutions re-define problems”.

The wahhabi thinks what he is saying IS the solution to… ahmmm something… and since he can’t present proofs for his stance, he does the exact opposite of “re-defining problems”.

He “re-problems definitions”. What that is, is basically, the wahhabi gives new definitions and meanings to words and phrases and ayah’s and ahadith- definitions and meanings that have been well established, and well documented for centuries. He can’t give any proofs for his definitions from Quran, Sunnah, the dictionary etc, and yet he insists that that is the correct definition of a word, phrase or concept.

Classical example of this: Three divisions of tawhid!

Attacking the shared enemies/commonly accepted deviants, the shias, the qadianis, the alevis... etc, 

when really cornered by a pro (Sunni)

This one is pretty much an admittance of defeat and a last ditch attempt by a beaten wahabi to save face instead of just saying “You got me”. Since you are a Sunni, and since this guy THINKS he is a Sunni, and if you have successfully sent him packing, he’s gonna make good with you and try and make you laugh and considering his intellectual stature, since all he enjoys is refuting and exposing and defeating people, it’s the only consolation to satisfy an intellectually sadistic, nafsanic urge – to make you aware of the heresies of the shias or alevis or ismailis etc. and ‘beat them’ in absentia. It’s kinda like a second prize for him.

Be VERY careful of this one. It might as well not be his consolation prize, but just a time-out from his deception. The minute you fall for it and have a good laugh at the shias, and lose track of the last 2 hours you spent refuting his nonsense, he’s going to start all over again, maybe on a different topic.

The wahhabi is very persistent.

Muslim unity” 

Why don’t you refute the shias/alevis/commies/christians etc?

Different wahhabis will use different approaches, or maybe some advanced wahhabi will use both 11 and 12

One is in a somewhat wahhabi-optimistic way. The other is in a somewhat wahhabi-pessimistic way.

Not much explanation required. The wahhabi, if and when beaten, will get all agitated and say something like:

Why do you hate fellow Muslims with a difference of opinion?
Why don’t you refute the shias/alevis/commies/athiests etc?”

This is really a cry saying:  “Ok… Ok I’m an idiot… please leave me alone and don’t slaughter me… let me save face.”

The question, however, on its own DOES have SOME element of truth to it and the answer is simple: The wahabis pretend to be Sunnis and then eat Sunni-ism from within. The shias/alevis/athiests/secularists/qadianis etc are distinct groups and if a Sunni is even remotely knowledgable in Islam, he is already instinctively well acquantied with the heresies and kufr of such groups.

Although, on our part, these days people ARE getting increasingly jahil regarding such sects and we DO need to warn people against the dhalalah of such groups. Nonetheless, the wahabi only cries Muslim/Sunni Unity against them only when he’s beaten. If he has the upper hand in a debate and is succeeding in misleading someone, he will never talk about this unity and refuting these other groups.

Seeking ahadith and tafaseer and sharh

This is one of their advanced strategies that they use against some of the more knowledgeable Sunnis.

When some Sunni plays their games by their rules and beats them at it, and presents literal translations of verses and ahadith, they ask for other verses supporting the literal interpretation, ahadith, tafaaseer and shuruuh etc. to get to the bottom of the matter.

Adab and ikhlas and khushu and khudhuu 

and all those sweet sounding words

This is a classic wahhabi move although lately used by just about anyone with a naf-sanic agenda. When you address the wahhabi as the neanderthal he is, he is going to flash out a bunch of ahadith at you regarding, adab, akhlaq, political correctness etc. 

Almost any wahhabi will repeat like a parrot!

“If you don’t have anything good to say, stay silent”

Once again a last ditch effort to gain some superiority. Funny the wahhabi never remembers those ahadith regarding adab and etc, when HE is the one attacking innocent Muslims.

This one’s a mixture of double standards AND playing victim.

Accusations of slander against sheikhs

This one is a hybrid between playing victim, double standards and emotional blackmail.

The wahhabi will gladly say [insert mujtahid name] made mistakes. Its not uncommon for COMMON wahhabis to even say:

Abu Hanifa or Ash-Shafie or Al-Ghazaali or An-Nawawi made mistakes or blunders...etc

(almost all their shuyukh attribute mistakes/major mistakes to the mujtahid lighthouses of the ummah).

AND YET, when you point out MAJOR BLUNDERS in the works of nobodies like:

ibn taymiya, ibn abdul wahab, albani, ibn baz, uthaimeen, munajjid, etc.
and if the wahhabi has no come-back, you will hear howls to the effect of:

They are major scholars with ijaza. 
They spent a lifetime in the service of deen. How much knowledge have you acquired? 
How much work have you done for the deen? 
In your entire life, you did not do one week’s worth of work these rijaal have done in the cause of Islam. Allah rewards a mujtahid who makes a mistake too. Scholars are not prophets. They can make mistakes and Allah forgives them. The flesh of the scholars is poisonous (implying you are slandering/backbiting) etc.

On their own, some of those statements are true. But the wahhabi has destructive intentions for using them.

One only needs to ask the wahhabi:

“So then why do you people say all those things about the mujtahid imams of the ummah?”

Besides, to be branded as a scholar of Islam, one has to be on the aqidah of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama3ah. We don’t consider the likes of albani as scholars, even though they might be forced to consider Al-Ghazaali as a scholar. Its similar to how neither of us (Sunnis or them) consider khomeini as a scholar.

^ see comments

The challenge that is a bluff

They (ie, people) say that when nothing else works to convince your opponent, a challenge does.

Instinctively or deliberately, the wahabi too employs this method. Only difference is, in HIS case, it’s a bluff. He isn’t really challenging you. He is PRETENDING to challenge you. For if the wahabi was truthful, he and his manhaj wouldn’t have avoided confrontation with Sunni ulema.

His motherland of najd wouldn't ban Sunni scholars from entering there or ban their books.

They can beat them in a debate if they are truthful, right? 

How many times did Shaykh Ahmed Deedat (ra) openly challenge christian leaders and beat them too?

Why haven’t the najdi ulema challenged the Sunnis from the rest of the world for such open debates? 

The only wahhabis who will challenge you are their unintelligent youngsters who know they can beat you, beat you in all these manipulative mind games that is, not in knowledge of deen or the right aqidah.

In fact where are their books refuting the position of the Sunni scholars on the various issues they have a problem with? The scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah have tirelessly refuted their nonsense line by line regarding their attacks on the Ahlus Sunnah.

They have only published concoctions of nonsense in response to that, which employs one or more of all these deceptive tactics mentioned here.

Not to mention the nuisance that is their fatwa “booklets” and “pamphlets”.

Advanced misinterpretations and misrepresentations using clever language programming and subliminal messaging tricks.

Their senior (sheikhmost shayateen and taghaweet use this method. They will deliberately say words like:

“sufis lust on their desires by doing the hadra”


of course, every Muslim knows that Allah is above the throne”


it is fitrah to look to the sky in times of despair, and it is fitrah to raise the hands to the sky in dua, this is a proof that Allah is above”

Note that in such cases, the key words and psychological triggers of their satanic deception and evil genius are NOT



“Above the throne”


“Allah is above”

The inexperienced yet somewhat knowledgeable Sunni might pick on the above words and be saved from their misguidance personally.

The key words and the deceptive psychological and subliminal programming triggers deliberately planted in the above sentences are:

“Lust on their desires” AND

“Of course, every Muslim knows” AND

“It is fitrah” coupled with “this is proof”

However, these above keywords in bold, will get the better of most inexperienced and somewhat less knowledgeable Sunnis.

Only the Sunni most well acquainted with wahhabisism will catch such subliminal messages and actually ask these people:

What is so lustful about the hadra? 
How does it satisfy the nafs’s lustful desires?
On what grounds are you saying “every Muslim knows”?

Fitrah also involves many other actions. For the shias it involves instinctively bashing their chests and heads at times of distress. 
So what do we make of this?
The wahhabi is not an easy creature to nab many a time, but Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed the Ahlus Sunnah with scholars whose minds have always worked leagues sharper than the wahhabis.

All of the above are related to twisting and manipulating the truth, and that is the central pillar of wahhabism, the process which leads people to jahannam, except those saved by Allah.

 A lie is simply child’s play and easily caught out, not that they haven’t resorted to that either.

To any wahhabi reading this, YOU KNOW you have used one or all of these methods of deception at some point in time. 

Don’t kid yourself. You probably are also a victim too, of one or more of these methods of deception used by your own senior wahhabis.

To all those infatuated with wahhabism, the common people who call themselves wahhabi/salafi without knowing what wahhabism entails, less knowledgeable Muslims who think its “cool” and “chick” to be labelled wahhabi/salafi and dear innocent reverts:

Please, for your own sake, embrace some patience and the path of clear and unbiased thinking and seek the path of truth, and pray to Allah to undo the damage such destructive and deceptive methods and concepts have done to your Islamic thought process.

May Allah guide us all to the message of His Truth that His Beloved Prophet, sal’Allahu alaihi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa’sallam, preached!



Written by Ahmad-Qadri

(Edited by ADHM)

update 2017